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Specialists from the Castle Research Center „Lietuvos pilys“ over ten-year period proceed with archaeological investigations at the territory of the Vilnius Upper and Lower Castles.

Walls, towers, palaces, churches as well as other premises of the castle were repaired, rebuilt under new styles and requirements of the rulers of that time. At the territory of the Lower palace a layer of a 6-8 m thick had abundance of archaeological finds. Junior generation of scientists have accumulated valuable experience under the leader of outstanding famous historians dr. Adolfas Tautavičius, dr. Vytautas Urbanavičius, dr. Napoleonas Kitkauskas. Castle Research Center „Lietuvos pilys“ took part in a competition of the projects for the reconstruction of the Royal palace. At present time the workers coordinate research works of the territory. Dr. N. Kitkauskas is nominated as a scholarly leader for the Project. Archaeologists and architects carried out investigation of the palace territory and its old masonry. Historians collect information, masters of restoration conserve and restore artifacts found in the Palace. A dendrochronological laboratory, under the leadership of dr. Rūtilė Pukienė, was founded in 2003 (dating of timber and wooden finds).

From 1989 the results of investigations are published in continuous edition „Royal Palace of the Vilnius Lower Castle“ (five volumes). Other publications - dr. Adolfas Tautavičius - 1. „Middle Iron Age in Lithuania (the 5th-9th centuries)“, 2. „Bibliography of Lithuanian Archaeology (1782-1998)“; Dr. Gintautas Rackevičius „Crossbow and bow in Lithuania (the 13th-16th centuries)“; Eduardas Remecas „Money hoard of Vilnius Lower Castle“; dr. Stasys Samalavičius „An outline of Lithuanian History“ and „Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Vilnius“; Daiva Steponavičienė „Petras Tarasenka“ and etc.

Constantly we organize scientific conferences, also participate in conferences both in Lithuania and in foreign countries. Reports and information material from conferences usually are published in various popular editions.

The Castle Research Center „Lietuvos pilys“ investigates both the territory of the Royal Palace and other objects such as – the Cathedral Square and its basements, the Upper Castle, Vilnius old city, the Medininkai Castle, a lot of cemeteries from Lithuania, as well as the territory of the Tuskulėnai estate (searching for genocide victims of the KGB).

The Castle Research Center „Lietuvos pilys“ collaborates with the National Museum The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and the Royal Palace Restoration Foundation, which supports research works, expeditions, publications about the Royal Palace, the restorations of the artifacts and art values from the Royal Palace, as well as other projects related with the reconstruction works.

The Center can investigate objects of history, archaeology, architecture, also conserve and restore archaeological finds.

The Castle Research Center „Lietuvos pilys“ was founded in 1993, a promoter of which is the Institute of Lithuanian History.

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